The Bangkok Meeting with Gerard Leeuwenburgh, Country Manager at Informa Markets Malaysia and Philippines

Always happy to be back to Asia!

We love trade shows. Most importantly we love meeting with people, learn from them and explore crafting innovative solutions in a very strong and traditional industry that keeps reinventing itself, especially after the Covid era.

VIV Asia

It was refreshing for Diane de Saint Chamaran and I to meet with Gerard Leeuwenburgh, General Manager of Informa Markets Malaysia and Philippines at VIV worldwide Asia in #bangkok at Impact Challenger trade show center.

We tried to find solutions and improvement on the below exciting topics:

🎯 How Digital can contribute to trade shows that’s main revenue is from selling square meters?

🎯 How to use Digital to truly impact the satisfaction of exhibitors and buyers attending trade shows?

🎯 How to use the 99% of the time (between two editions of a trade event) to support businesses in growing their revenue where ever they are?

🎯 How to bring a deep industry expertise, in our case #halal to unlock new potentials?

🎯 How to efficiently use an industry focused business community to increase exhibitor satisfaction?

Yes, there a lot to do in here!

Bringing solutions to real problems that we are passionate about.

#businessmatching #halalbusinesscommunity #appsayalutely #wasabih

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