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Building the engine of the Global Halal Economy. Based in Indonesia, we are a leading consultancy group that advises organisations on how to flourish in the Islamic Economy. Our expertise covers: Food, Finance, Lifestyle, Media, and Pharmaceuticals. What we do Open the doors for your business to enter the trillion-dollar global halal opportunity. Since 2015, we have been actively involved in both national and international global halal networks. Our vast networks comprise of international government agencies, ministries, academia, public and private companies, and investors across different sectors. Collaborate to elevate the halal economy at the macro level. Every year, we work with strategic partners to accelerate halal business environment by organizing conferences, expos, and business matching. This is the time for collaboration and growing together. Raise awareness and understanding of halal matters. From halal vaccines to halal hotels, the term halal has evolved beyond a label on your cereal boxes. To expand knowledge on what halal means, we support training, research, and development in halal industries and services. Cultivate opportunities for creative industries Islamic creative industries always bring innovation to the table. Whether you are in the fashion business or Islamic media, we can help you to grow and expand your market by connecting you with the right investors and tapping into new consumers.
Industries Consulting / Professional Services
Company size 2–10 Employees
Headquarters Jakarta Pusat, Central Jakarta City, Jakarta, Indonesia
Company Type Nonprofit
Founded 2015/08/15